Thursday, August 25, 2016

Linda Stevenson #25 August 25 The Hunt

The Hunt

I sniff you on the wind
a summer dustiness
and sweat
or warm, moist breath
of foxes
scenting into town.

I plot you on your course
the subtly rancid
of habit,
season after season,
tracking down.

Jeltje Fanoy #48 are you mad

in-laws can be tricky,
going thru the motions
of being a family,
I think, we're all
a bit paranoid,
afraid of being laughed
at, he suddenly said,
what are you laughing
about, are you mad, well,
no, what are you laughing at?

with a magnifying glass
you can see the weave
of the fabric,
the laughter you thought
was, at your expense,
we're just laughing
at different things (that's
why I never got married)
doesn't hold water, of
course, at family functions

a house, nestled in
the landscape, the rules
about dress and cleanliness
inside, the landscape
beckons, flowers
on the trees, birds, calls
of strange-looking lizards,
perhaps it's a child's
laughter, the joy of being
outside, when, inside
it's all rules and directives

hilarity, laughing at
the adults inside the house,
caged and colonized,
hidden from view,
absurdly rigid,
paralysing realities,
are you mad, well, no,
what are you laughing at?

24.8.16 (#235) yellow wattle by Myron Lysenko

yellow wattle
a kangaroo grazes
in the back yard

Karen Kun’s Translation #10 - from Kerri Shying’s “Shot Through with History"

Shot Through with History

Scars are much more mutable
than we imagine
 the skin
not just receiving
of the blow the slice the shot nor
displaying such to order

sand dunes of the dermis
scars raising lowering to
the call of another 
force majeure

stories trapped
like banshees
within one thin flesh shell


風吹 刀切 槍彈



Nada DeCat #2 - when I don't feel like it

Listened to podcast about painters as I paint -
they discussed painting as career and how you have to paint when you don't feel like it.

I love painting when I don't feel like it.

It's like any relationship - shows your true colour.
(to clarify, not talking at ALL about sex - just other stuff you do for love)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #228 Performance

earth and air
though I am water
it’s not flow

builds up
the hours
leading to clouds
trees on the hill

Mikaela Castledine #229 Science on the Television

Sulphur blue burning
heme rust in blood
black and browns of old red
cooling shades of infrared
green the only colour
plants don’t use
probability of a rufous moon
shallow angled photons
glacial meltwater in the rift
spectrum tilted
to the scatterings of aquamarine

Lies Van Gasse #233

(dag 1-223)

één seconde:
de tijd die een ademhaling nodig heeft
om zich in dit papier te kerven,

de hartslag die zich opent
als een oude hand
en zich sluit wanneer ze bewoond is,

een blad dat van de boom valt op het dakterras
en de tijd die het nodig heeft om te verdwijnen,

de tijd die je gebruikt als je aan me denkt
en die je, terwijl je de ene voet

(day 1-223)

one second:
the time it takes for one breath
to be carved into this piece of paper,

the heartbeat  that opens
like an old hand
and closes whenever it’s inhabited,

a leaf that falls from a tree in the roof top garden
and the time it takes for it to disappear,

the time you use when you think of me
and that you need, when you

Susan Hawthorne #237 poetry is elegy

poetry is elegy
for worlds lost
memorial for songs
once sung

poetry is as dense
as a Beijing fog
sweet and red
like fig heart

poetry is imaginary
pictures in words
paths to tread
while singing

poetry is metaphor
words are rocks
in the seas
of the moon

poetry makes us human
keeps history
our life stories
rattling synapse to synapse

Efi Hatzimanolis #188 close

Dawn depletion, behind on sleep,
kookaburra calls out the day
for what it is. Close.
I put on my glasses.
How much do you know about morning?
I ask my husband. Even sleeping
he answers me.