Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Anna Couani #55

like remembering dreams
catching on a piece
and tugging
till you remember

then one after another
each dream pulling
on the next one

so it can be
with poems

I wouldn’t mind
being able to do
automatic writing

how is that done
where unlikely images
like the chicken coop
will follow
an image of the university belfry

or the sound of it
the different types of sounds
so utterly different but
both clamorous

meaning the belfry
that has real bells
and real bellringers

the reader will search
for connections

we often walk through the uni
from our house close by
and have heard the belfry
listening amazed
it’s conceivable
that we heard the songs of birds
at the same time
because the corellas
are circling
at this time of year

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