Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kit Kelen #55 - beginning in the land of Miró

beginning in the land of  Miró


I like a good arrow
with a star in sight
over the hessian
patch primary colours
square into the canvas

mess and drip and stain
some of my favourite ways

and blood could drip too
there's this affinity for paint

did I forget the splash?
and a boat free floating
past implies
tails like lines to fish

all blues are sea
all blues are sky

the work is like a deep sigh in us

isn't circle simple head?

light bulbs shine under us
sun is green

a star is a cracked refraction
schematized to lines
yellow edge to take all in

teeth creep in in 34
still blunt
some primary school colouring

how'd you feel if your fingers were cactuses
hairy tits?
give us a grimace love

then there are the overhead limbo dancers
nose to lift concrete blocks
and we're getting a little bit pointy in the fang here

hand you'll notice is more or less
a bunch of wrapped bones
has hold of more bone
less wrapped

but I love the dinosaurs
short skirts

bit of paint through
for the colour
or smudge or both

fish and something-eyed and wispy

bones are in the face as well
there is wildly whiskered
but all in outline mind you
you're to do the work

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  1. The colours zing. Beautiful line: 'the work is like a deep sigh in us' and the hands and bones section is mouthwatering.


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