Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #58 at the Cross in the White Room at the Yellow House

 at the Cross
         in the White Room
                  at the Yellow House

white room dreams
talked Jung over dinner
memories, dreams, reflections

we woke
from the journey, inland
to the city
a street of sculptures
flock of night correllas
poems of mist

on Sunday
in the white room
at the yellow house
white rose and skylight
at The Cross
beside me, two mandarins
on a white chair
(like a still life)
keeping your place
waxy scent of a rosy pear
balanced in my hand

an artist's face and portraits
come to mind
and the idea of worlds
I taste moon cakes in a poem
lucent places we find

think how we watched jellyfish
in the harbour in the morning
walking together

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