Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kit Kelen - #86 for Diane Frénay

for Diane Frénay

sand splash blow-in

all of the sunsets
till now are in it

other planets too

a many-world
this crystal cast

all of the blank
skies of dawn
so to say

sand swivel
and turn
and blow this way

scribe with breeze
brush gently

and let the weights
arrange themselves
be particle and flow

sand is a quotational mode
as if a whole beach
or a desert spoke

as if some far flung galaxy spun

no more
no less
just what it had to say

a weatherwork, as found in the hut after some years

the hut, as found in the weather, after some years

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  1. Kit thank you so much, it's beautiful. Your poem gives me new views to work with!
    And i love the pictures and there titles 😊


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