Monday, April 25, 2016

burke: FOOTY #116

'Hey, he was held on to, ump!' Again
my wife is telling them how to play -
'Ahh, shit! You bloody idiot!'
deep breath. 'Oh, I guess you'll learn ...'

I'm listening to poets read their own works
in one room - 'Oh, bastard, kick straight!
C'mon!' She interrupts William Carlos Williams
to tell me the pot plants in the sun need some water

then turns back to the telly - 'Keep at it! Keep at it!'
Cometti gets excited as the opposition kicks a goal.
'Oh, Jesus! You idiots! Have a go will ya!'
I go to water the plants in the fading sun.


  1. hilariously enjoyable ( geraniums?)

  2. Poetry, flowers and footy - three of my favourite things.

    1. Thanks, Myron. 3 things in their order :-)


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