Sunday, May 29, 2016

#147 Kevin Brophy 'While camping at Lake Paruku'

#147 ‘While camping at Lake Paruku’

We discovered one new galaxy,
an extra planet and six ways
to light a fire.

We slept with
stars falling on us,
dreamed of bears in a forest,
dingoes on the dunes;
and one of us got to sleep
with the 8 iron by her side.

We woke to budgerigars
busy among the coolibahs
and gangs of white cockatoos
drifting down in pairs to the tree tops
where they groomed each other
as if to show us their other,
less juvenile side.

We tried to scare an orange banded snake
away across the ochre sand
until this bright creature from a dream
disappeared beneath our tent
or possibly inside it.

We left behind the ants, the sand, the flies,
the lake, the cynicism of the cockatoo,
the pale green innocence of the budgerigar,
and the open arms of the sturdy coolibah,
saying we will be back soon

with more wood and more fears.


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