Thursday, May 26, 2016

Anna Couani #142 stillness

painted woodblock

after the wind, the cold
but not as cold, the night is still
life and cars on the main road
a headlight wavers up the hill
a bicycle passes
deliveroo and the rider
has that “I’m working”
a police car
colourful and bright
passes in front of the coffee shop

I drive into the housing estate
darkness and silence
no one on the street
different from the daytime
walking beneath the liquid ambers
through drifts of brown leaves
the dark is colder
someone is walking
down our street
just ahead

the work is finished
the stillness is in the woodcut
in still life objects
arranged randomly
on the mantelpiece
stillness in the composition
stillness in the colour


  1. I was hanging on every word here! Colours are pretty gorgeous.

  2. thanks Efi. I was avoiding putting Morpheus into that piece!

  3. This really cast a spell. The text felt like a woodcut as well. Such great atmosphere. Though for me it resonated with your Morpheus pieces, maybe because of the objects depicted in the image. I'm really excited by these intertwining threads of ancient into modern, your pieces and Susan's and back so I'm moved to put up an old piece today, riffing on this.

  4. Yes it's good to have these dialogues, as Kit intended!


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