Monday, May 30, 2016

Robbie Coburn & Michele Seminara: Collaboration # 9

The Charred World   (Robbie Coburn) 

I seek the sky      at dawn,
windowless air        ignites the fires 
blinded and choked    by the sodium glow.
hell.   too hot         to breathe
exposed skin a moving target
scratched and       broken
until   ash   has scaled the length of   bodies.

a thrown landscape. I realise grief
comes too late to harness.   an inferno 
unfolds drumming along the grasses
circling trees       stoking the leaves
yellow to black, and    always  red

the wind     pinches  like an accelerated 
flame    smoking        eyes
the houses    have gone up, already
the people are kissed  by  gas corpses.
I live here       for days       beside them
the  sleeping shells voiceless,   embers
catching innocent burial lots.

this is nature, then.       no way to fight   
a silent evil begging      any god to
burn the charring      world
miles from       the source of light.

Sodium Glow  (Michele Seminara)

this landscape of grief unfolds
miles from light. 
begging a silent god
I seek the sky; 
a thrown fight. 

accelerated burial, eyes
kissed by nature's evil, 
I live beside the innocent,
a smoking body 
circling hell. 

my windowless skin 
an   exposed   sleeping   target —
for days the drumming
of the black wind
ignites me. 


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