Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #147 duck night

in the lap of night
the skein of ducks
cry on the pontoon


  1. ... is this also elegiac re: the child mentioned by Mikaela who drowned today?

  2. Absolute coincidence. I was watching the night sky by the lake and actually this was the original beginning of Virgo night which was much longer. I was trying to find a way of describing the duck's sounds, and it did seem like they were crying (I think they might have been warding off predators, quacking in turns, and this was in earlier drafts too). But the poems seem to connect, don't they? I hadn't read Mikaela's when I posted. Also discovered the little duck eyes in a not very good photo, that I worked on a little. The duck eyes are sad and eery and scared I think (I disturbed them). Very sad about the child, Mikaela and Efi.

  3. Amazing coincidence, but then, the blog's filled with serendipity...the duck eyes are weirdly cute and unsettling. The whole scene should be installed in Sydney for Vivid :)

  4. I think it is synchronicity. I love that word. And serendipity. :)

  5. This is terrific. Lap of night and skein of duck both great phrases


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