Monday, May 30, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #147 Lost

lost the message
the house rings
the sky, walls 
lost the keys
blade and bow turn, jangle
yours in my pocket
let me in
lost the pen
a pencil hides in the eaves
lost the border
the road has not been built
lost weight
between the days
lost hair
in grief
lost bone
in years
lost jobs
in unkindness 
lost fear
in practice
lost pain
in care


  1. Thanks for saying you were moved, Susan. That mean a lot to me. I lost some fear in the practice of this project, thanks Project 366 people. I have lost some pain by being cared for and caring recently. So I hope there is some healing emotion at the end of the poem as well.

  2. The project has been great for me too. I feel much more relaxed, losing fear in a way too, not feeling that every poem has to be perfect but being prepared to go with the flow and learning from that as well. It is so good to get a response from other poets and sometimes surprising.


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