Monday, June 27, 2016

Rachael Mead #27, The husband

The husband

Running with scissors is more a directive
than precaution with this man who loves
a good plot but has little time for fiction.
For six years he weighed himself, every day
logging the data to admire his graph on its

annual veer between seasons of soup and salad.
He builds things of whimsy and beauty
but only once. Repetition turns art into tedium.
Our walls are crowded with the masters,
each frame clutching its original: Rivera,
Preston, Van Gogh - all signed but not by 
their forger. Yet shopping undoes him, money
an abstract concept, useful yet unfathomable,
which could be a motto for this paramedic
with no sense of risk. Andrew Noble: Safety Fifth.


  1. Great image! I like the poem, too. Intriguing portrait. Is Andrew Nobel the husband's name, and what does "safety fifth" refer to?

  2. Must take an extraordinary wife to partner such an extraordinary man.


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