Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kit Kelen #785 - birthday pieces - studio warming piece

two birthday pieces

soon we'll be fishing from the veranda

studio warming piece

the longer the nest to make
the lovelier the egg

this is the moment
all perfect now
ready to begin

if there is a world
it stopped
well before here

somewhere in the garden
we filtered out the dust

people say it's revving up
but this is where the bucked stopped
till you squeezed it out some more
all of this to banish the frantic

stood in a paddock
commanded this rise

... delayed reaction

then everyone came
it was a party
how the walls went up!

it took a lot of coaxing
miracles take work
but see how the breeze is
because of veranda

everyone says you could live in it

the Taj Mahal has no such pond
Ben Hur may be big
but this box is yours
you built it
herded the cats in a frenzy

this is where to go wild

all the colours are from day
and the dark is sunlit still

the bush is guard to this
the valley opening to view
sun powers it
breezes aboard
and from veranda
watch the pond

in ducks
and eels and water dragon
all lotus fronded, flowered
rose fingered for a first thing
pinking sunset too


red bellied black
removes old frog from pond 
you witness this

and something you can never see

better than anything else
the place is blessed
with you

and all you have to do is

consider the everything to come
gets better and better
but now

be birthday girl
in the moment perfect
it doesn't come again


birthday cuddles
and birthday kiss
still in bed for birthday bliss

and best of all a birthday beam
when waking from your birthday dream

here's your birthday lie-in tea
brought to you by birthday me

birthday bird has come to sing
a birthday song to you

it's birthday up in the branches
and birthday here on Earth 

it's time to make the most of
so birthday for all your worth

then first thing up's a birthday stretch
prance about like a birthday fool
birthday yoga, birthday swim
sun yourself on birthday deck
plunge in birthday pool

and still it's yes a sunny one
so peg the birthday washing out
dries extra fast on a day like this
with added birthday clout

not that there's a word to say 
or need to lift a finger
not for this breeze in which we linger
it's birthday weather today

then present to present the day progresses
from birthday call to birthday call
and one forgets a whole year' stresses
all sorts of heckles begin to fall

till birthday snifter with the birthday bunch
birthday bubbly, birthday punch

and birthday rudeness on the cards
if we can fit it in
no matter what you will indulge
it's only birthday sin

but watch the birthday sweetmeats
or put on birthday girth

it's birthday up in the branches
and birthday still on Earth 

and Birthday 2 tomorrow
Birthday 3 the day after that
birthday after birthday
only need be said

it could go on forever like this
once the birthday poem's read

Rob Schackne #595 - "nothing doing" (after Bernard H)

nothing doing
at the hermitage

full of honey
keith richards
bhikkhu on drums
how do I sleep
this rain this music

all those bees
my condition
of the night
just sitting

Friday, February 23, 2018

Rob Schackne #594 - "Yes my word of the day"

Yes my word of the day
all I could do without
what was taken away

all I was asked to give
what you could remember
what I made a meal of

there won't be time
in this false economy

no one takes their time

the evening's spread
come watch us then
hooverized upon a table

Kit Kelen #784 - the novel

the novel 


some moment 
of high suspense
to begin

believe a sky
when falling

no one says but
you're in

and ride this wave
till the sea's across
till the river
runs us dry

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rob Schackne #593 - Benthos-12


This old pond

the sky changes
blue to deep purple
a second's grace
what displays
this conversation
about enlightenment
the cave as library
a world where books
are disappeared

everything dark
what goats do

Kit Kelen #783 - re-priming again


for those who have gone under

you get ideas from what's down there

from the lost
from their having gone

and often about to kick off the scaffold

sometimes tiredeness overtakes
and all the years till now

there's always a ladder
up and in
corner with your initials engraved

while in their ooze you splash

then summer comes
fizzle among
and soggy if sky down

come on a tumbrel

not even in their prime yet
not yet fleshed
now under! now forever gone!

all of them were children
none could vote
all served

and traitors!
we carved them up
crows pecked the entrails

you can always work with a stain
scrape back

you need some depth to carve
some of these ideas could push up daisies
and burying's too good for some
so we dig 'em out to flog some more

many drowned in the last storm
some bobbed up
sprayed them down like bugs

or left to bake
with the ants crawl over
left to wash away

some rot
we lay to rest
we burn

each for example
and let that be lesson

but am I finished with them then?

every one was tricked to be
not one had a choice

yes I laughed demoniacally
evil if not genius

came at them with the chisel
came at them with the knife again

why should they survive, not me?

so various
the launch into eternity

think of the forgotten
deep pile and dusty
spiders' home

death to the dead!

and as to those fortunate still writhe
in possibility -
on all those who are about to salute me
I slap down the paint


Kerri Shying R #417 - the ladies auxiliary

the ladies auxiliary

don’t school me    by the ankle socks
here       my chin whiskers   leaning in
for lopping   brushing on the peter pan
of the collar     much too more the dessert
woman   than a statement hair   this

tired old consciousness   the thing
is gunna lap me    all lined up 
on the top oval   like the start of that
fucking futile cross-country   it gave me
asthma    and it never did rate fitness

curriculum  stamped me
like a letter     return to sender  
so   here I am and
what you gunna do
with me  now eh

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 416 - gaolhouse for KZ

gaolhouse  for KZ

all flying kites
 hands out
 between the bars

 electron swipes    to beat
 on rainy days   my heart

the node of tumbled wire
 tap taps
plug me   life's a drain

I hear you      speak  in
 messages    HA

winnow off
 that husk go
slop it    to the pigs

feed me    real
you    to the tooth
whole grain

Rob Schackne #592 - "Hard at work your heart"

Hard at work your heart
that quickens more, stays
for last reel & credits
waits for the dim poet
the impossible question
is this my life the afternoon

my bus my walk my dinner
forget the cavemen go
the 9:49 rolling through

do I advance the subject
the windows need cleaning
this is my notebook and pen

Kristen de Kline #177 Melting

The ice is slowly
melting     your
heart,   I dropped it
on the last mile home
phone lines are down
don’t cut me loose 
a blackout in the Valley
hold me tighter
don’t listen
to a word
they say

Kit Kelen #782 - three poems - it's with the first thing birds / upon the place below / now my kingdom is complete

three poems

it's with the first thing birds
bearers of light

I become a more sensitive instrument

all twinge of
they tune the weather to me now

this music has a knowledge of us

I hear the day strike up

upon the place below

at long bloody last
chimes with a rhythm we call roof

this is the first time for the rain
when it was arriving I almost took a pill

it has to find a way to earth

it has to be a cloud first
congregation of vapours

all paws for it
I stand in socks at last to watch

chutes tangles and the targets off
they could be ours down there

a long imagination of wonders
that it could be so

sky pissed itself pure again

the first green thing is yet to shine
blind in hopes of up

now my kingdom is complete

and all unruly subject

but have they come?

I am a pyramid
all tomb if done

all around me
far as eye can see

already the shine is coming off

all the faith glow of it goes

there's no one in charge here

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kerri Shying R #415 - Holler


let me lean back
   past the sway
rest the scrollings
 in the spine   sit
the bony mountain
 top to unmined base

 spread me out
beyond the lines   of fault  
 shout    a slim crevasse to
get a whisper back     you

 go away    no
such thing   as bottomless
 no pit   to drop that stone   lean
 into this   my hard-pegged
line    of most resistance
 gentlest smile

Rob Schackne #591 - "I don't know if"

I don't know if
it's a roundabout
or a face, a grace
that's missing

one coming
in safety first
a wide margin
of true beauty

those flowers
drums are beating
the roads know
closer to the day

Kit Kelen #781 - on the grandeur of delusions

on the grandeur of delusions

full bodied failure
the lifelong
all who
where we are

so much to
hunger at

could be
dark of the season
and tribe too

he showed her his love
she lapped at that
with baton grip
hit for six
and ruck

up until

take it lying down
be blown

old sky beard
was with with us
thunder vaunt

in the mirror
I am

and stroke myself
half a chance
it's emperor to be

so preen we
sing ourselves together

because a war was
we are free

let me burn your village down
raze it
be enslaved

and otherwise unspeakable

make nation
golden as a cloud
sun struck

we each as thin as air

make my t shirt
make it now
do it faroff
I won't look

as much as you like
no one will hear

out of time home found us

we sent the others off
let's huff

that's an immortality

come to my bones
believe me
let me be your shrine

the Bible caught the bullet
closest to the heart

good ache
I need a little dark with that

the ever after's gone

there is nowhere but here

let us depart in peace

Monday, February 19, 2018

Kit Kelen #780 - the Barnabeast or Mr Pizzle

the Barnabeast
Mr Pizzle
(a political poem)

a man is fulminating
is at the beer frothing

he is all in his hat
a big horizon

look at him boasting
modest and shy
(firm of country solicitors)

burns up the forest
runs the rivers dry

the future's all these ruins to Mr Pizzle
sees progress

poor diddims in his baby socks
and cannot even knit

stuck in his finger
and pulled out too late

o how I love a doom like this
and how it slowly comes

Rob Schackne #590 - "The bikies"

The bikies
have tattoos
their teachers
have machines
frozen jars
of purity
the kindness
pushes through
how decent
was the wolf
the ice slowly melting

Kit Kelen #779 - we collect from the sky

we collect from the sky 

dry night of stars the same

lead ourselves on with like

we dizzy with the up

and drift
isn't it to dream?

lovely first light
days ahead of what's

we keep it in a tank

shape benches of a breeze

who is there can predict?

no bell rings

make slaves of selves
not bent to this
shelve clouds
of a certainty

heals seeing
you can't help but salute this flag

as firm as meant
the pun sky
the all rhyming
motion eye

someone to look up to

done for a oneness
it's how we're here

wasn't always blue

but there's a lark rise now

sacred secret
always gone

every head full
leaf briefly flown
we're up to this
in nether reaches
till one day
the penny drops
all lie face up

pull the plug
ahead of the game

we soar through
file that under
sky with socks
for float
it's just an idea you know

we're tin too
we've been in it
saw the burning towns
and took our meaning
branches web
each will be a landing

glad of cobbed corners
when a fly comes

these drifts apart

and listen for the writing there
it means that we are bowed

of course there is a politics

winged in the dark of it
road beyond
pouring into night
and the world's turn

always a hop step
bend beyond

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Transient - 4K, UHD, 1000FPS

Kerri Shying R # 414 - The Tick

The Tick 

outside    exists
my round
engorged   body

the sketch in pencil
crooked kicking useless
at the air

all head  I think I am
unknowing  what bloat
hangs  beyond the skinline
where this  mutual


compels my jaws
to close

never letting go
never turning off
in the air

Kit Kelen #778 - everything in the dream is true

everything in the dream is true 

all elsewhere gone
but stumbling in and from

the scherzo is a nocturne

in another clock
someone is counting

itch, turn
as if world were

when they bury me
so stir

and the teacups
the beam from which

all elsewhere gone

fold under

over and sniff
follow furrow too

till itch and down

time is standing in its lesser cot
kennel it
keep up

we with the tree all climbed

run after sunlight
be pursued

so we come to falling
smoke so many pounds a puff

early hours adolescent
when you need to go

a deathbed toddler squirms for words
they're not to follow now

crackles through static
the light of day

music's never understood
it's lovely though to be

in a wood where I paint savages

all shapes to colour
till sleep comes
and in itself all gone

wake to play
and sleep to this

everything true
in the dream

Rob Schackne #589 - "Guess me too"

Guess me too
tomorrow is
a long long time
I will bring
an Australian bee
(what a day)

on mine
this honey
let there be commerce

something like
a record collection
& find them

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Rob Schackne #588 - "But what do I know"

But what do I know
of hessian empires
their bags or contents
the coarse skin
itches and rashes
the malevolence
ambulant or not
how it feels inside
prance like a filly
hobbled and bagged
on my skin the yard
quivers each touch

Rob Schackne #587 - "I would go out"

I would go out
look for treasure
a speck of mica

was all it took
fleck of bright feather
I'm growing old
so much did I find

the treasure I left
my eyes are dimmed

more over heaven
the sky is so blue
this rain is precious
why couldn't I love you

Kerri Shying R # 413 - Commuter


these  faces      drowsing
on the 3.15
to Newcastle   weatherbeaten
mimics of past bunny-rugged
     your lids
in trust

Kit Kelen #777 - what if there were just one truth?

what if there were just the one truth?

what if there were just one truth
and we were all known to it
like a law all equally applying

what if one had come to tell
and time stood all around this
glowed like a halo

you wouldn't need to mention it
you wouldn't find us here
but nod yes
pride all selves with knowing
and sure as
it was ever thus
and always
be the way

took tablets
for flea in God's ear

will be still
won't you?

catch manna

hatch no questions
but obey

what if meaning were given this world
invisible creatures fluttered
soul stood up to beg

what if you could pinch yourself
put doubt aside
go exegetic chorus
count on all expounded

there wouldn't be
what if
at all
if you could
just believe

Friday, February 16, 2018

Kit Kelen #776 -- I long to be outlived

I long to be outlived

this bothers God so much

steeped in what was
as I am

no one's ancestor
but breathe until I'm dust

here's how it goes, the after-all
no blowing off this world

but I should want immortal

is there some spirit still unwords me?
doubt has hope to pray for it

you're half way
and half way of that
you're the arrow

I'm the tide
risen and down
I'm the wood laid
leaf to fall
I'm the trouble with

well slept
longer in the tooth
gods' ages all as dreamt

creak in the breeze
here afloat
and fixed for an horizon

the wreckers have this planet
for parts
who is there to argue?

no lips
no someone
no name of the tree

every god's forgotten by name
word for the thing lost
categories called off

all whirled in a world
till that's done too

one day the sun shoots through
this is a far fact

as every cloud yearns
gives and gone

to reign over us, saved
and noble, gracious

it's deep in the bones
to want a world after
be sent victorious

stones on another attest
without the least inscription

my pyramid is all these years
and it too will be dust

spore of the stars
will the oneness be called?
or will we yet be spared?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kit Kelen #775 - gentle with a self

gentle with a self
he receives a custodial sentence

in all the much-to-do

world spun on without

I'm the parrot
sent to brighten
and breeze edge at the front

in charge

let's half naked with the day
and further on upon reflection

let's not forget the night
all lines to it

and firstly up
as all selves

so many things are my beginning

always being eaten away
roll around a clock

in little ball
as ever apt

snuggle up
make moment

things grow up
and I go under

it's so easily said

this must be All Selves Day

the one idea
expands expires
and then you piss it in

if past the little rounded sleep
there isn't some better guess
but be here


and take time

be taken with

is it not music makes?
as through the crackle come

like trees reach
limbs in the up and up

we make it
out of accidents
like word and light

so hunch hope
come gentle to the fray

one day
what I could do
is done

so gentle with a self
till then

go gently to the day

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Rob Schackne #586 - Après Un Rêve

Après Un Rêve

feather attached
my nerves
the feather's grey
so light I throw it away
rolling well the wind
let me follow

the strange
the dry
where you go
let me see

Kit Kelen #774 - giving up religion

giving up religion

caveat emptor
carpe diem

congenital it's been
mono mostly
the ancestors came down with it

poly in the pipe
and pass it round
like billy boys
until hooray

to buggery at least

and blows
dowses out
the ghosts in the fire
(that's bush telly for you)

let's all mock their religious garments
and much good may it do

some kind of peace could come of gloom

look up in the trees and you'll see them
ecto-mists are worthy, gone
like evidence you've eaten
and taken some trouble with
so nineteenth century

put faith in doubt
and still you'll know
a thing or two

that death is after all
not a thing you'll feel
and there'll be no regret

Nietzsche he went mad with it

and all those angels
halo hats
saints for halitosis

there's love
be golden with it
(strip a new world)
a god of that!
nice try

or smiling
on your tangled legs
that would get you wry

the temple girls
are all allure
I love to jangle bangle

it's all of a mind's eye
bend the unwilling

there's yoga in these bones yet
I've seen cats and cows at it

so many ways to come

and gods in everything
that's just common sense

have we an understanding?

we all need rice
you light incense

I like a tutelary spirit
and daemons -- they're quite personal
often run the show

totem, possum
bear this brunt
to brew your superstitions
syncretic's always best

the prophets tend to set alight
and have been known to pillage

what temptation - the eternal
all forgiveness, lotsa love
tread water
lie down with a lion
growl stew
not so many of them
little lamb

get pregant with god
be blameless

or point your head the one way
everyone does and you're one

the oneness is a terrible master
gives you that two-party problem
pepsi and coke
woollies and coles

manna sandwich?
I'll have ambrosia with that

I was in the cave
and I saw that flicker
truth bung again
let's patch it with

you'd never believe
soon leads to faith

must I feather nest?

long since they've given up on me
nothing to give to gild it
temple and spire
I took
the clock and the orchestra

a world grew round
and sometimes spun
my simple head

all green for up
and cloudsworth

gone again
I saw to it
I saw

after the sky's abolished
still religion's there

won't pay its taxes
fucks the young
it really is a problem
this attitude of mine

I hear music for a wedding
and call the creature stirred my heart

and what if there is what there is?
even if you cannot see
though could be finding out

how disappointing this world is
and as I live and breathe

next week I will give up polemics

let me tell you
it was a journey
but I'm in the garden now